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At Sustainable Facility Group, our team of experienced energy consultants are dedicated to supporting businesses and facility managers achieve their sustainability and energy efficiency goals. Our comprehensive energy consulting services are designed to help you understand and reduce your energy consumption, creating future-proof energy efficiency strategies that reduce your costs and carbon footprint.

With extensive experience working with facilities of all sizes and industries, we understand every business is unique. As such, we work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their business needs and priorities. From energy audits and technical assessments to asset lifecycle management and maintenance, building energy optimisation programs, air quality testing and renewable energy solutions, our trusted energy consultants advise on all aspects of workplace sustainability.

Whether you are looking to reduce your energy bills, improve your building’s performance, or simply want to stay ahead of the curve, please call 1300 333 734 or contact us today to learn more about how you can achieve your business sustainability objectives with SFG.

Energy efficiency consulting services

Reduce your business operating costs and carbon footprint with energy efficiency maintenance strategies, designed to maximise asset lifespan and improve sustainability and safety.
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Set your sights on long term sustainability, with expert energy efficiency advice, energy audits and reporting, technical assessments, cost modelling and performance management.
Take control of costs and comfort with a facility energy optimisation program, designed to identify inefficiencies and actionable measures to improve building management systems and working environments.
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Curious to know if renewable energy sources are right for your business? Receive specialist advice and custom recommendations for cost-effective, low-maintenance and sustainable energy alternatives.
Reduce productivity loss with air quality advice, testing and solutions for factories, workplaces, education facilities, medical spaces and more.
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Need trusted sustainability advice for your business?

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