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Energy Efficiency Auditing

Drive success with energy efficiency advice and performance management
With over 25 years of commercial experience, Sustainable Facility Group has the understanding and expertise to provide qualified energy efficiency advice and performance management for universities, schools, hospitals, government organisations and businesses of all sizes.

Designing a tailored plan of actionable measures, we can create a strategy to optimise performance of your facility, from on-site energy audit reporting and technical assessments to cost modelling and energy metering system management.
What’s involved in an energy efficiency assessment?
During our desktop energy audit and asset lifecycle management review, we will analyse your energy consumption, costs and profile data to assess opportunities for tariff optimisation, peak demand reduction, power factor correction and improved rates.

Alongside these initial cost-saving recommendations, we will also conduct a site energy efficiency inspection and outline opportunities to further optimise your facility. This audit includes a technical assessment of all equipment, controls and performance data, as well as detailed analysis and reporting, future cost modelling and business case development.

After your audit and site assessment, our engineers will recommend appropriate energy efficiency strategies, as well as measures you can take to cut costs and increase the sustainability of your business. These may include equipment or building upgrades such as LED lighting or smart glass installation, consideration of alternative energy sources, building tuning, air quality tests or water management systems.
How will energy efficiency auditing help my business?
• Increased savings potential
During our energy efficiency assessment, we uncover hidden usage and cost saving measures via detailed technical assessments, asset audits, data monitoring and cost modelling.

• Minimise risk, maximise safety
We review and advise on peak demand management and load shedding strategies, helping protect equipment from damage, reduce unscheduled downtime and maintain energy reliability.

• Decrease carbon footprint
Your energy audit and accompanying findings will be presented to key stakeholders, accompanied by recommendations for actionable measures to reduce carbon footprint for long-term compliance and success.
How do I implement my advised energy efficiency measures?
Alongside advisory services, our team of trusted experts offers hands-on energy efficiency services delivery, keeping your project running as efficiently as your workplace.

To further enhance energy efficiency, we can also design, manage and validate the installation of energy metering systems. Sub-metering utilities allows for greater efficiency and transparent data collection for your business, with regular and accurate reporting to help reduce costs and optimise performance for the long-term.
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