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Control cost and comfort with a building energy optimisation program
A building energy optimisation program is a vital tool in improving the energy efficiency of your building management system (BMS). With expert system analysis and strategic tuning recommendations, you can significantly reduce your facility’s operating costs, as well as improve tenant satisfaction, optimise building performance and demonstrate your overall commitment to sustainability.

Building owners should consider implementing a building energy optimisation program to reap the cost and environmental benefits of an energy efficient BMS. At Sustainable Facility Group, we have decades of experience delivering strategic energy management programs, as well as the hands-on experience to implement your building tuning and monitoring upgrades, with no wasted spend or complex project handover.
How important is a BMS for energy management and efficiency?
A BMS is a computer-based control system that manages and monitors the various mechanical and electrical systems within a building, including lighting, temperature, access control and security. But with ever-changing technology and rising operating costs, you may find yourself with an outdated or inefficient system; affecting both your balance sheet and your comfort levels.

A building energy optimisation program can uncover numerous areas of inefficiency and excessive energy consumption from your BMS data and other sources, providing a roadmap to improved energy management.
How will an energy efficient management system benefit my building?
• Expose wasted spend
An in-depth energy review and BMS audit will identify potential issues and inefficiencies, showing areas where building owners can reduce their energy consumption and lower their operating costs.

• Tenant satisfaction and retention
Understanding and implementing modern energy efficient measures can improve the comfort and retention of staff and tenants.

• Sustainability and compliance
An energy efficient building has a lower carbon footprint and future-proofs compliance with business sustainability objectives, as well as energy management regulations.
What’s involved in a building energy optimisation program?
During development of your energy management program, we will undertake analysis of your existing system performance, including an in-depth audit of your energy bills, high-consumption equipment and BMS controls.

We will then identify the areas of your building and operation that would benefit from optimisation. This involves analysing the data from the BMS and other systems, identifying areas of inefficiency and outlining strategies to achieve your energy efficiency goals. These strategies may include designing economy cycles, load shedding and set point plans, as well as recommendations for asset lifecycle management.

Once your building energy optimisation program is complete, a recommended building tuning plan will be provided, considering both the impact of energy efficiency improvements and offsets of additional energy required to deliver the set outcomes. Our in-house experts are industry-leading technicians, on hand to implement any efficiency measures required and set you up for long-term success.
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