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Sustainable Water Management

Smart water management solutions for future-focused businesses
With Australia facing regular water supply challenges – and the world facing a growing water crisis – water management in commercial buildings and large facilities is a critical aspect of sustainability. Despite this, it is a measure that is often overlooked; and building owners must act now to ensure they are part of the solution for the future.
What is water management?
Water management is the process of ensuring water is used efficiently and sustainably in a building while reducing wastage. Working alongside businesses and building owners, Sustainable Facility Group can advise and implement a range of water management strategies to help reduce your water usage, cut costs and minimise your environmental impact.

These strategies include conducting water audits, upgrading fixtures and fittings, adjusting BMS controls and installing smart water metering devices.
Smart water meters
A smart metering device uses advanced sensors and analytics to monitor water usage patterns and provide alerts when water usage exceeds a predefined threshold. Installing a smart water metering solution is one of the best water management methods for monitoring water usage, identifying leaks and reducing costs.

With access to real-time data on water consumption, facility managers can make informed decisions about their water usage and conservation measures, while identifying and prioritising areas in need of maintenance or repair.
How does sustainable water management benefit your building?
• Cost savings
Implementing sustainable water management solutions can reduce water usage and eliminate water waste, resulting in significant cost savings for building owners and operators.

• Minimise environmental impact
By reducing water usage, building owners can lower their carbon footprint and minimise their impact on local water resources, as well as reducing the release of wastewater and other contaminants into local waterways.

• Long-term compliance
Particularly in Australia, water usage restrictions can be strict and subject to change. Implementing sustainable water management solutions can help building owners ensure they remain above board and compliant, avoiding liability and doing their bit for the environment.
Water management solutions with Sustainable Facility Group
With an in-house team of experienced engineers and technicians, SFG will take your water management process from advising and auditing right through to installation of metering devices, integration into your performance dashboard, project management and ongoing maintenance of your sustainable water management system. That means less fuss for you, and faster access to a quality cost-saving measure for your building or workplace.
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