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Building energy efficiency maintenance strategies for sustainable businesses
As businesses strive to reduce their costs and carbon footprints, energy efficiency has become one of the most critical considerations in the modern workplace. Understanding how you use energy is the first step towards saving it; and by identifying ways to increase energy efficiency and asset longevity, you can create significant cost savings while improving the future sustainability of your company.

Building an energy efficiency maintenance strategy requires detailed energy auditing that is designed to determine usage patterns and potential savings, alongside identifying areas of excessive energy consumption. An asset lifecycle management plan should support your energy efficiency strategy to set up your business for sustainable success.
What is asset lifecycle management?
Asset lifecycle management planning is an important aspect of any energy efficiency strategy. A detailed asset management policy supports business owners and facility managers in maximising the lifespan of an asset by assessing current condition and employing best practice measures, from procurement through to disposal.

Your asset lifecycle management strategy may include advice on planning, purchasing, maintenance, repair, replacement and disposal of equipment to eliminate waste of budget and productivity, as well as reduce the environmental impact of an asset.
Benefits of an asset lifecycle and energy maintenance strategy
An energy efficiency assessment and lifecycle management strategy can provide several benefits for businesses of all types, including:

• Potential cost savings
• Identify and repair areas of excessive energy consumption, while maximising your return on investment by avoiding inefficiencies of use, loss of productivity and costly equipment breakdowns.
• Long-term sustainability
• Implementing energy-efficient upgrades and extending the lifespan of equipment can help reduce risk, waste and minimise your company’s carbon footprint.
• Increased safety, efficiency and comfort

Regular equipment and environment maintenance can improve comfort and efficiency for staff and visitors, while helping forecast spend and remain compliant with work health and safety protocols.
Developing your asset management and energy efficiency strategy
With over 25 years’ experience creating asset lifecycle plans and conducting audits for Australian companies of all sizes, our experts will work with you to develop a detailed and actionable energy efficiency maintenance strategy for your business.

The first step is to carry out a desktop audit of the building’s assets and current preventative maintenance regime, as well as review your company’s work order history, to understand the key areas for improvement.

We will also analyse your energy consumption, costs and opportunities, providing guidance on how your current maintenance strategy can be adjusted to achieve optimal performance. After this baseline analysis is complete, our technical experts can carry out an on-site energy audit to assess your facility and provide tailored energy efficiency advice that supports your long-term sustainability objectives.

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