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Sustainable Building Management Systems

Achieve your sustainability goals with specialist building tuning and optimisation
A tailored building tuning and optimisation program improves the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of a building’s systems, forming an essential component of any commercial energy efficiency and sustainability strategy.

The goal of building tuning and optimisation is to identify areas of high energy consumption or inefficient system operation and adjust accordingly to improve performance. This involves a comprehensive analysis of the building’s operations, including its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, alongside lighting and controls. This can be a complex process; but with the right expertise and tools, the outcome may include significant cost savings, improved comfort levels, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Sustainable Facility Group offers an in-house team of experienced engineers and technicians to manage your building tuning strategy and delivery; from designing your building energy optimisation program to delivery of all facility upgrades and improvement of your building management system (BMS).
What is a BMS and why is it important?
A building management system is a computer-based control system that manages and monitors a building’s systems, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting and security. The BMS plays a critical role in reducing your building’s energy consumption and optimising your facility for efficiency, as well as reducing costs for businesses and building owners.

Upgrading and tuning your building management system can form an important part of an overarching building optimisation strategy. Our SFG engineers and technicians will work either directly with your BMS or in consultation with the incumbent BMS contractor to review your system, analyse its capabilities and make any necessary control parameter changes. We then fine-tune your building by adjusting, repairing, reinstating or installing air dampers, smart building sensors and any necessary energy efficiency measures for optimal performance.
What are the benefits of energy efficient building tuning
• Improve building performance and rating
Maximise performance and efficiency of your building to improve sustainability and NABERS rating.

• Reliability and longevity
Extend lifecycle of assets and building management systems for long-term reliability and cost effectiveness.

• Reduce costs
Reduce high energy consumption as well as ongoing maintenance or operation costs. .
Sustainable building tuning and management with SFG
Sustainable Facility Group is experienced in managing and delivering sophisticated building tuning programs, from current state assessments, energy monitoring and reporting to building retrofitting and recommissioning.
Undertaking an initial building energy optimisation program provides a cost-effective basis for further improvements through system alterations and enhancements. Our use of sustainability measures and building management and control system analytics has significantly improved energy efficiency and NABERS Star ratings for building portfolios across Melbourne and beyond – as well as asset quality, maintenance cost and long-term performance outcomes.

Integrated with innovative energy efficiency maintenance strategies and operational methodologies, we also ensure these improvements are retained in the long term, with a strategic approach to maintenance that is focused on optimal building efficiency.
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